restaurants & Bars , Kathmandu

The cuisine of Nepal is quietly famous and evident in the increasing number of eating places in every nook and cranny of Kathmandu Valley. The restaurants in Kathmandu serve every type of food imaginable to gratify the tastes of all types of people.
There are various types of cuisine here from Continental, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese to Korean, alongside fast food joints, pubs and local restaurants which serve genuine and sumptuous Nepali food, also known as "Newari" or "Thakali".
In Kathmandu there are numerous places to eat at that can serve up anything under the sun for a few dollars.
Bars :-
Almost every restaurant and bar serves beer and cocktails. Try the local "raksi", Nepali wine, or "chhyang", Nepali beer, for a quick and cheap cultural know-how. Try these at local bars but remember that neither tastes like wine or beer!