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Kathmandu is shoppers' paradise. If you want to buy quality products without burning holes in the pocket then Kathmandu is the place to be. For starting, shop for clothes. Kathmandu is a great place to shop for clothes. Flowing hippie gauzes, Monk's robes in saffron and maroons, funky neon trance wear and dozens of elegant silks; you ask for it and Kathmandu has it. Hand-woven Nepali fabrics are available in endless patterns and colors. The alleys around Indira Chowk between Thamel and Durbar Square have dozens of fabric shops and tailors.

Apart from clothes, Kathmandu is a great place buying artifacts. You can't buy most real antiques as they are banned. Opt for the replicas in wood and copper. Just keep a keen eye on what you buy, as there are a lot of counterfeits product that are sold by cunning salesmen. Patan, the twin city of Kathmandu, is known for the quality of her bronzes. Most of the big & fashionable shopping centers are located in the New Road and Durbar Marg area. United World Trade Centre, country's largest shopping mall. is situated at Tripureshwore.
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